Certificate Attestation


Certificate Attestation

Attestation of certificates in Dubai can be a complicated process. Each document type has its procedure, and some certificate attestation may have extra steps to complete that process. Ansaar documents clearing are one of the certificate attestation services in Dubai. Here we can help our client to get it attested even if it is from outside the UAE or inside the UAE. We are always focused on delivering high-quality attestation of certificates for our loyal clients. We have associated with many different countries' agencies for attestation and it helps us provide our clients services on time.


Attestation of certificates is important for confirming their authenticity and genuineness. At Ansaar Documents Clearing offer secure, reliable, and verified attestation of certificates. Our experts handle all types of attestation services for all types of certificates like educational, non-educational, personal, or commercial documents.

    The most common documents that we can help with attestation include:

  • Power of attorneys
  • Birth, marriage, death certificates
  • Educational documents
  • Identification documents
  • Financial and tax documents
  • Police clearance documents
  • License documents


Attesting certificates on your own in Dubai takes a lot of time and costs a lot of money. We have been a trusted for many years because of the reliability and trust that our customers have in us. Our main goal is to provide quick and reliable certificate attestation services to all our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions you might have

The concept of attestation of certificates entails validating a certificate or certifying a legal document.

Apostille attestation is an attestation certificate that verifies your documents and certificates in a form that is admissible in countries members of the Hague Convention.

Being a certified attestation agency, we provide various attestation services in Dubai. All certificates are handled with extra care by Ansaar documents clearing because we know our clients' concerns. Our highly experienced team takes security seriously to protect your information.

It depends on the formalities and the government fees and how much the certificate attestation service will cost. You can call our executive to know all the details about the cost of our certificate attestation service in Dubai.