Ministry of Labour(Tasheel)


Ministry of Labour(Tasheel)

The ministry of labor is responsible for issuing work permits and other works related to employees. We can access their works online and Tasheel center in Dubai as per the eligibility of a company. Here we can advise the company on this and provide the fastest services with the help of our smart team. The Ansaar Documents Clearing company has years of experience working for the Tasheel labour ministry and is also an established company that offers all government services under one roof.

To successfully take down all Tasheel services in Dubai, an individual must follow the exact steps. Experts at our company will provide exact directions and step-by-step instructions. As a licensed and registered company, our team is ready to assist you with any questions you may have regarding Tasheel Dubai services. Workers and employees can get the necessary guidance from our center.


At Tasheel, all services will be handled by professionals with years of experience and it gives you experienced professionals for all your labour related process. Through it, you can get direct access to government services without needing to deal with a third party. Through Tasheel, you can save a lot of time and effort, as the system works quickly and resolves issues promptly.

With Tasheel, companies can effectively manage resources and don’t have to worry about documents or payments, all will do through online.

Our Services

Our Services:

E - signature

Labour computer card

Quota application

Offer letter typing

Offer letter submission

Work permit package

Labour insurance

Labour payment

Labour contract typing

Labour contract submission

Temporary work permit

Modify person information

Profession modification

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Tasheel in Dubai is an online system of the government under the ministry of labor that provides a complete application process. 

In Tasheel service there comes many services like E – signature, Labour computer card, Quota application, Offer letter typing, Offer letter submission, Work permit package, Labour insurance, Labour payment ,Labour contract typing, Labour contract submission, Temporary work permit, Modify person information , Profession modification.

Ansaar document clearing always provides affordable services to all customers.