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Amer service center in Dubai are established to complete a wide variety of transactions and documentation related to government departments. There are many private centers are for such services but amer centers are direct government supervision. Through this, people can easily make requests for most of the difficult government services under the supervision of GDRFA. All amer center in Dubai are following strict government guidelines and services. Amer center in Dubai are a part of a larger drive by the UAE government to bring greater efficiency in the governmental processes.

dubai amer center

The main aim of opening amer service centres in Dubai was to cut down on inefficiencies and avoid redundant practices. All the staffs in amer center in Dubai are having rigorous training in all services. They used expert staffs and finish all the work in a fast way. In an amer center in Dubai offers different services to UAE residents.

  • Amer center Dubai timings are always 24 hours a day.
  • Amer service centres in Dubai operate on Friday and public holidays
  • All the employees are well trained for services and guide you properly
  • If you have any government transactions, amer center in Dubai is the one stop solution.
  • You can apply for various services through online amer center in Dubai.
  • Amer service centres in Dubai operate under the direct supervision of General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affair(GDRFA)

  • Amer service centres in Dubai were launched by GDRFA to provide different services like entry permit issuing, renewal services, visa related services and more.

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    In Dubai amer center all the process will be monitored by smart system, so that officer can view the application and identify if there is any missing documents or ay typing mistakes. They will identify right away the errors and clear it. After the opening of amer service centres in Dubai, it reduces the percentage of errors.


    By opening Amer center in Dubai, inefficiencies were reduced and redundant practices were avoided. The Amer center offers a variety of services to Emirates people.

  • Immigration services
  • Insurance
  • Change visa (new to old)
  • Entry permits
  • Company establishment and clearance
  • Typing services
  • Visa cancellation
  • visa renewal
  • Visit visa for short- or long-term
  • Family insurance

    Visa purpose
    Take advantage of Amer service centres in Dubai for visa renewal, entry permits, changing visas (old to new), visa cancellation, and more.
    Residents of the UAE can apply for a passport at the Amer center in Dubai. You can apply for a passport renewal if your passport is expiry or closed. You can apply for passport renewal at the Amer center. 
    Apply for a driving license easily at Amer center. Any vehicle registration or permit renewal can also be done through the Amer center in Dubai.
    Health Service
    To obtain any health card services, visit the Amer center in Dubai.
    Emirates ID
    The Amer center provides all documentation for Emirates ID and related services.
    VAT registration can be applied for easily through the Amer center in the UAE.
    Typing Service
    The Amer center in Dubai provides all types of typing services. There is an efficient team that does all of the typing services perfectly.
    You can go to the Amer center in Dubai with exact documents if you need health insurance services, and they will work on your insurance service efficiently.


    You can count on Ansaar documents clearing to provide all services and reduce your stress during these processes in Amer Center in Dubai. Our experts ensure you the fastest processing times for all your applications. We have provided trusted, top-rated, stress free and efficient amer service centres in Dubai. Our main goal is to elevate all the services we provide in our center. Ansaar documents clearing have years of experience that provides multiple services for all UAE residents.

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    • Highly experienced staff
    • Expert knowledge in handling all type of services
    • Proper guidance and efficient services
    • Up-to-date with all latest requirements for all services
    • Leading document clearing service center in Dubai


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    ansaar provide amer services in dubai, UAE
    Ansaar Documents Clearing

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